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a guide to education loan repayments

Trying to repay your education loan

Paying back your student loan needn't be a supply of stress. This guide may help reply to your concerns, and provide you with the information to help make financially-sound choices whenever it comes down to education loan repayments.

When do I begin repaying my education loan?

After making college, you are going to just begin repaying your education loan when you're making above a threshold that is certain. After that your repayments are fixed at 9% of whatever you make above that limit. Read the repayment example when you look at the dining dining table below.

Payment example

For complete information on profits thresholds for pupils learning in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, head up to the learning student Loans Company.

Thresholds vary based upon your position, for which you studied, that which you learned, so when.

Repayments are going to be deducted from your own month-to-month wage.

Crucial payment information

Responses for some of the most extremely questions that are pressing education loan repayments.

What goes on if.

In the event that you never ever obtain a task making throughout the repayments limit, you will not need certainly to repay a cent.